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Our Irving freezer repair company puts attention to detail first when performing freezer repair services in the Irving TX area.

Every single freezer repair we do turns out to be a success because we make sure every diagnosis is right and any replacement freezer parts are necessary – we realize the high expense involved with a misdiagnosis.

We also make sure that any job we take on is done in a timely manner. This is why we follow simple steps, including:

  • Schedule an in-home appointment at your Irving TX home.
  • Show up and determine the cause of your freezer problems.
  • Determine which freezer parts need replaced.
  • Estimate the cost of the entire repair, factoring parts and labor.
  • Go purchase the freezer parts in Irving TX and return to install them.
  • Double check that the freezer is working as it should.

That’s how every freezer repair in Irving TX goes when you deal with us. It’s that simple. It’s also super affordable and we can guarantee such, considering:

  • We use the estimates found in the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide.
  • We bill what we pay for replacement parts.
  • We knock $10 off your bill if it’s your first repair.
  • We knock the service call charge off your bill if you get a repair.

We are dedicated to making sure that every appliance repair we touch is a success and every client we deal with leaves happy. We hope that you will consider hiring us for your freezer repair in Irving TX. The only job you have is phoning us!

Helpful tip

Has the defrost drain for your freezer frozen? If so, it’s possible that the drain strap has unattached or fallen apart. This is relatively rare, but certain freezer models do have a drain strap. This is usually made of either aluminum or copper. It’s not very large and it’s connected to the freezer’s defrost heater. It travels a little bit inside the defrost drain. There’s a little heat transfer when the defrost heater is activated, which then assists with melting ice and frost that started forming in the drain. If the strap is defective, replace it before worse problems occur.

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